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Eurotech earns excellence award of American Entrepreneur Magazine

Eurotech earns excellence award of American Entrepreneur Magazine

Eurotech, the leading consulting and training company in the region, has recently earned the Excellence Award in the Training sector of the American Entrepreneur magazine, during a huge ceremony that took place in Dubai, being of the pioneer institutions in the region that crafted its experience and success in the field of the training and the development of the human resources.

During the ceremony, Fady Jawad, Founder and CEO of Eurotech received the award, with the presence of Eurotech consultants and management, as well as public figures, businessmen and other CEO’s of organizations and companies from across the region. The organizers of the award have praised Eurotech for its accomplishments and excellence in the training industry in the region for more than 16 years, during where Eurotech contributed in the development of the human resources in the Arab world from different sectors and managerial levels through a series of training services which was of the benefit of over 70000 employees from various nationalities from different sectors, starting from petroleum technologies, through banking needs as well as advanced managerial courses and training making it one of the top training institutions in the region.

During the ceremony Jawad commented: “We are very proud of earning this award, which is considered a reflection of the efforts of Eurotech in the training industry and the hard work we have dedicated to take advantage of the international expertise in order to develop the local human resources and provide training services that is keeping up with the rapid development that is taking place in the region from different sectors.” Eurotech has earned the “Enterprise Agility Awards 2014” for the human resources h category, during the first pan Arab Agility award ceremony, which makes this award recognition of the experience of Eurotech in the field of training and human resources development in the Gulf region as well as Libya, Iraq and Sudan.

When receiving the Award, Jawad took this opportunity to thank the organizers of the Award and ceremony commenting: “Having Eurotech earning this international award is a confirmation of being pioneer in the training industry and appreciation for its successful experience and achievements in the region. “ Jawad also took this opportunity to extend his appreciation to the team of Eurotech for their dedication and hard work saying: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and clients who believed in Eurtoech, and extended their support to become who we are today.” Since Eurotech client list and partners includes leading names in the region, starting from Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum Company, RasGas – Qatar, Takreer – Abu Dhabi to a long list from the banking sector which includes, The National Islamic Bank, Bank of Riyadh, National Bank of Kuwait, as well as a number of top telecommunications companies like Oman Tel and a list of top universities in the region which includes Kuwait University, Kind Saud University and Qatar University.

Jawad concluded that he believes that the future if for the innovative young generation who are eager to keep up with the fast moving technologies and industries, so they don’t get stuck at the sidelines of life. Jawad invited the young generation to overcome all circumstances, knowing that from your failures, you learn, you develop, you succeed and you become a leader, noting that the entrepreneurs from around the world were distinguished by their dedication and innovation as well as overcoming all circumstances and challenges that they face

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