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Pipeline Pigging

Pipeline Pigging



The aim of this course is to provide you with an introduction to the hazards of pipeline pigging and what safety considerations are required to plan pigging activities. You will learn about the role of pigs in pipeline maintenance and inspection, including the different types that are available and their applications. Lastly, you will gain an understanding of how pigging operations can be conducted safely in the oil and gas industry.



Production Engineers, technicians and Operators with long Experience. Pipelines and Terminals Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians



  1. Introduction: piping system
  2. Pipelines:

Specifications, types, construction, operating conditions

Risks, damages and defects,

Protection: internal and external coating, inhibition,

treatment, cathodic protection,

  1. Pipeline pigging:

Pig types

Pig traps

Pigging operations

  1. Pipeline inspection and repair

Inline inspection

Risk management

Defects repair

  1. Pipeline integrity: assessment, control,
  2. Pigging documentation and Record Keeping

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