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Water and Chemical Injection System

Water and Chemical Injection System

Water and Chemical Injection System



This course provides an overview of the main water handling systems typically
encountered in upstream (E&P) production operations, both onshore and
offshore. The chemistry of the main water related problems of mineral scales,
corrosion, bacteria, and oily water will be reviewed both from the theoretical
and practical aspects. Produced water treatment equipment and typical water
quality specifications will be reviewed as well as water injection and disposal
systems. An exercise will be given to identify typical system problems and you
will be able to apply the knowledge you gained to propose solutions. Emphasis
will be placed on understanding and resolving operational problems in process



Managers, engineers, chemists, and operators needing to understand water related problems in oil and
gas production and their solutions.



·       The basics of oilfield water chemistry

·       How to monitor and control corrosion, scale, and bacterial growth in produced water and water
injection/disposal systems

·       How to implement system surveillance programs to detect potential problems before system damage occurs

·       Produced (oily) water treatment options and related treatment equipment

·       How to use the knowledge gained to identify typical system problems and be able to propose solutions.



Intensive training workshop that delves into the captivating world of corrosion control through chemical treatment. This course offers a concise yet comprehensive exploration of both fundamental principles and practical applications. Discover the engineering, construction, and start-up requirements applicable to various chemicals employed in exploration and production, specifically designed to combat corrosion. Witness firsthand the test methods utilized for the selection and evaluation of chemicals, with a focus on real-world case studies that bring the concepts to life.
Course also highlights and describes chemical injection systems used to inject corrosion inhibitors into a pipeline system, and it explains the general procedures for monitoring and adjusting the inhibitor injection rates.
this training course also focuses on seawater injection system and then reviews the encountered deterioration mechanisms, their detection, monitoring, assessment and mitigation. Finally, it introduces the corrosion management concept and describes how corrosion management applications could significantly improve corrosion control within any seawater injection system.

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