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Using the Balanced Scorecard: How to Achieve Superior Performance & Strategic Success

Using the Balanced Scorecard: How to Achieve Superior Performance & Strategic Success

Using The Balance Scorecard:

How to achieve superior Performance & Strategic Success



  • Understand what the Balanced Scorecard is and the contribution it can make to implementing strategy
  • Learn how to move from an initial assessment of the strategy to execution and strategic management
  • Understand the role of strategic measurement and its use in managing strategy
  • Develop an understanding of the key roles in the context of strategy delivery
  • Design and build a Balanced Scorecard using a Case Study


  • Those within an organization responsible for designing, implementing or managing a Balanced Scorecard
  • Senior Executives
  • Financial Officers and controllers
  • Process Professionals
  • Strategic Planning Professionals



A Tool for Managing Strategic Performance

  • Strategy & the Balanced Scorecard
  • Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard
  • Application and uses of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Overview of the Balanced Scorecard creation process
  • Strategy maps and Strategic Themes
  • Strategic Measures and Strategic Targets


Developing a Balanced Scorecard

  • Importance of data collection, interviews and focus groups
  • Strategic documentation
  • Defining strategic goals and objectives for the organisation
  • Mapping the Business Strategy
  • Working with the Case Study


Monitoring Strategic Performance

  • Purpose of strategic measures and their relationship with KPIs
  • Lead and lag measures
  • Examples of measures for each perspective
  • Developing appropriate measures using the Strategy Map
  • (continuation of the case study from day 2)


Implementing A Balanced Scorecard

  • Setting appropriate stretch targets for each objective
  • The Strategic Management System and performance management
  • Mapping strategic initiatives for HR
  • Managing the Change
  • Communication
  • Developing appropriate targets using the Strategy Map and
  • Measures (continuation of the case study from Day 3)


Pulling it all together

  • Developing thoughts and ideas re Application back at base
  • Creating an outline project plan
  • Identifying key roles and key players
  • Identifying potential pitfalls and barriers to change \
  • Working with the Case Study

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