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Valve Technology

Valve Technology



  • An understanding of valve characteristics and different parameters affecting the operation of valves
  • Knowledge of the main types of valves and the ability to select the right valve for the particular application including Control Valves, Non-Return Valves and Safety Valves
  • The ability to perform the necessary calculation for valve sizing
  • Knowledge of valve control systems including actuators and positioners
  • An understanding of the problems associated with valves like flashing, slamming and water hammer
  • The ability to perform troubleshooting of systems involving valves and making decisions on the right maintenance plan concerning different types of valves


  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Facilities, chemical, electrical, instrumentation, maintenance, & mechanical engineers & technicians involved in designing, selecting, sizing, specifying, installing, testing, operating & maintaining shutoff, pressure relief, & control valves.


  • Types of Valves (globe, gate, ball, plug, check)
  • Flow characteristics
    • Flow through valves
    • Valve flow characteristics
    • Linear, quick opening & equal %
  • Valve Sizing
    • Calculating the correct Cv value
    • Selecting Valve Size Using Valve Coefficient
    • Calculations for Correct Valve Selection
  • Sealing performance
    • Leakage Classifications
    • Sealing Mechanisms
    • Valve stem seals
  • High Pressure Drop
    • Pressure Recovery Characteristics
    • Flow Choking
    • High Velocities
  • Water Hammer
    • What causes water hammer?
    • Solutions for water hammer
  • Troubleshooting the Control & Isolation Valves
    • Review of common faults
    • Developing a Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Review of the Week & Wrap-Up
  • Defining the valve flow coefficient, Cv
  • Choked flow
  • Pressure recovery
  • Flashing and cavitation
  • Noise reduction
  • Control valve selection and sizing
  • Water hammer
  • Valve seat leakage classifications
  • Packing/stuffing box requirements
  • Globe valves
  • Gate valves
  • Pinch valves
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Ball valves
  • Butterfly valve
  • Plug valve
  • Check valves
  • Inherent vs. installed characteristics
  • Body selection guide
  • Trim selection guide
  • Actuator and accessory selection
  • Manual and computer-based valve sizing
  • I/P converter
  • Diaphragm actuators
  • Cylinder/piston-type actuator
  • Electro-hydraulic actuation
  • Electric actuator
  • Solenoid valves
  • Transfer mechanisms
  • Valve positioners
  • Valve testing and diagnostics
  • Valve maintenance and repair
  • Safety relief valves
  • Rupture discs

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