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Well Completion Well Testing

Well Completion Well Testing

Well Completion Well Testing



By the end of the course, participants should be able to: State how Well Completion fits into the E&P Activity; Recall and discuss hydrocarbon exploitation considerations for well productivity and completion design; Describe the main parameters that influences Well Performance and Productivity; Describe the factors that influence the selection and design of the completion string and components; Carry out a completion design on the Onshore and explain how it will be run in the well, Type of well test, planning the test, Surface Equipment and down hole tools.


Geo-scientists, Engineers and Managers (in Drilling, Well Intervention/Services, Reservoir Engineering, Production Operations, Marketing/Sales etc.), whose jobs require them to interface with Completion Engineers, Production Technologists, Well Production Operations Engineers, and Well Maintenance/Servicing Engineers who wish to enhance their current job effectiveness, through more knowledge on Well Completion and Performance, than that attained from their own “core” discipline training and exposure



  • Introductions
  • Reservoir -Integrated Production System
  • Pressure drop from reservoir to stock tank
  • Well Completion Methods
  • Open hole completions
  • Cased hole completions
  • Classification of Reservoir Based on the Fluids in the Reservoir
  • Reservoir fluid properties
  • Oil gravity
  • Formation volume factor
  • Data ranges
  • Reservoir water
  • Contaminates
  • Phase behavior
  • Completions Effects
  • Formation damage
  • Pressure drop – radial flow
  • Damage vs. productivity

DAY 2  

  • Flow in Pipes
  • Fluid flow equation
  • Choke Performance
  • Multiphase flow through choke
  • Positive vs. variable choke
  • Systems Analysis
  • Inflow performance
  • Outflow performance
  • Tubing considerations
  • Tubing vs. casing
  • Completion String Design
  • Casing design factors
  • Completion Equipment
  • Completion rig
  • Snubbing unit
  • Coil tubing unit
  • Wire line unit


  • Casing and Casing Suspension
  • Casing heads
  • Wellheads
  • Tubing heads
  • Xmas trees
  • Tubing Selection
  • Tubing requirements
  • Tubing design factors
  • Coil tubing design considerations
  • Tubing Connection
  • Types/applications
  • Packers
  • Types/applications
  • Well site Operation
  • Project Management
  • Why projects fail
  • Soft Skills
  • Managing drilling & completion data
  • Non- productive time
  • Invisible lost time
  • Knowledge data base


  • Subsea Completions
  • Intelligent completions
  • Extended reach drilling
  • Maximum reservoir contact
  • Permanent down hole gauges
  • Flow control valves
  • Flow Assurance (Paraffin and Asphaltene)
  • Formation/build up in tubular
  • Removal processes
  • Well testing overview
  • Procedures
  • Hardware
  • Completion Test
  • Objectives


  • Drill Stem Test
  • Equipment
  • Procedures
  • Surface Equipment
  • Separators
  • Dehydrators
  • Compressors
  • LACT equipment

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