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Working Remotely – Fundamentals For Professionals

Working Remotely – Fundamentals For Professionals

Working Remotely – Fundamentals For Professionals



  • Get a complete understanding of all nuances of the remote working world
  • Enjoy the benefits of remote working while being aware of its pitfalls
  • Know the most effective ways to connect with your team online
  • Be confident and efficient during conference calls
  • Use the most innovative tools to do more in less time
  • Know what measures you should undertake to secure yourself when working from home
  • Create a routine that will help you to be productive and happy
  • Reveal your peak times for more productive work
  • Be able to work on projects of all difficulties from home
  • Understand how to set the boundaries with your family when working remotely
  • Explore the best practices for building rapport with your boss and colleagues


  • Employees of all levels
  • Professionals who want to live a fulfilled life in a modern digitally-disrupted world
  • Anyone who is planning to work remotely
  • Anyone who has already been working remotely but wants to know the best practices and gain confidence


  • Working remotely: what is it?
    • The workplace revolution
    • The challenges of remote working
    • Dispelling the myths of remote working
  • The remote operation technologies
    • Why effective remote teams communicate more, not less
    • How to communicate more effectively when you’re working remotely
    • Types of communication: instant messaging, audio calls, video meetings
    • Successful remote meetings
    • Managing remote projects
    • Setting expectations with your remote boss
    • Security tips for remote workers – protect yourself both online and offline
    • Create a plan of action for staying in touch remotely
  • Communication with an internal or external client
    • The advantages of remote communication, how to use them to strengthen relationships
    • How to understand the other person’s signals in communication (verbal and emotional)
    • “Empathy at a distance” – how to preserve the energy of communication and mutual understanding
    • Active listening at a distance
    • Building rapport with remote colleagues
    • Understanding and managing conflicts
  • Productivity and motivation
    • The remote worker’s set-up – arranging your workspace
    • How to beat procrastination and get more done
    • Getting Right attitude – how to be prepared psychologically for working remotely
    • Improving self-control, self-awareness, and self-motivation
    • Creating your personal to-don’t list
    • Set your remote working goals
  • Boundaries and balance
    • What’s the right working environment for you?
    • Dealing with online distractions
    • Setting boundaries with family – How to cope when everyone’s working from home
      • Tips for working from home with a partner/housemates
      • Tips for working from home with children
    • Morning and Evening rituals
    • Taking care of your health and wellness
      • Understanding your peak times
      • Wake up at a consistent time
      • Work in blocks of time
      • Schedule breaks into your day
      • Physical activity
      • Offline time and how to relax
    • Plan your day and week

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