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Training is our passion since 1998 , during these years we have trained about 250,000 trainees from various sectors such as oil & gas, banks, investment companies, ministries, government agencies from various Gulf and Arab countries . Many of those courses were delivered out in workplaces and abroad such as London , Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo, Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Jakarta & Singapore…

Eurotech's team was working hard to create New Training Trends to accelerate human development in the Arab world and increases functional skills . We were the first institution in the Arab world who added Virtual Reality and training through simulations for soft skills courses & workshops , simulation technology was raising the ROI to 90% & reflected positively on their job performance

Eurotech was investing more & more in “Research and Development " to create new visions in the Arab world . R&D in Eurotech was based on creativity & innovation to become more resilience & agile , that’s let us created 2 ways of learning: PIVOT & WAY, these 2 ways includes a number of integrated advanced training methods as : Self-Paced – Virtual Engaging – Blended Learning Micro-Learning – XR – Gamification – Comics . Those new trends in training were the results of scientific research to create new and innovative training methods that keep pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 and digital transformation.


Human Capital Development 

" We believe in them “

For the longest time, human resources have been viewed as a support function within companies but have progressively become a necessary condition for corporate success. Eurotech believes that improving operational performance goes hand in hand with improving the performance of human capital

" Our mileage matters “

Eurotech has been fostering and nurturing human capital in the Middle East since 1998. Using a cross-sectoral approach, we operate in the MENA region 

Our mission is simple: “Knowledge is evolving, and we are always one step ahead”. We compete with innovation, grey cells and quality, a combination that granted us the trust of our region’s most prestigious institutions.

With our over-the-edge research team, we have revolutionized human capital development in the MENA region by creating training needs and addressing them with the most avant-garde course outlines. As a result of that, Eurotech has delivered trainings to more than 250,000 professionals across the region and gathered a portfolio of 100 clients. Our key to success is adapting the best international trainings to the very specific regional needs